Medical Botox

BOTOX® is used to stop grinding teeth and eliminate TMJ, stop excessive sweating on the face, palms, underarms, or soles of feet, treat cervical dystonia, migraines blepharospasms, and misaligned eyes, and soothe chronic migraines and overactive bladders. 

Automatic Nervous System

Quick (20 minute) painless and non-invasive test to assess hidden neuropathic and cardiovascular conditions. Recommended by the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association.


Mental health and Substance use treatment options

We provide resources and treatment options for both mental health and substance use. If you or a loved one are suffering from a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety or PTSD and/or a substance use we are here to help!


We offer a wide range of CBD products.


We maintain an inventory of quality vitamins and health supplements.

Biovation, a remarkable plant-based protein meal replacement designed to help with weight loss and weight management, as well as blood pressure, blood sugar management, and gut health.